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Thousands of Germans demonstrate against Floyd's death Police attack elderly, Trump calls on rulers to quell protests

Thousands of Germans demonstrate against Floyd's death

Thousands of Germans demonstrate against Floyd's death
Thousands of Germans demonstrate against Floyd's death

On Friday, American police assaulted an elderly man during a protest in New York. While President Donald Trump urges state governors to quell the protests, thousands of Germans march in a demonstration against the racism of African-Americans in the United States.

In the United States, protests that broke out a week ago in response to the police killing an African-American citizen George Floyd while he was arrested ten days ago in Minneapolis are continuing.

Thousands of Germans demonstrate against Floyd's death

On Friday, two policemen pushed a 75-year-old man onto the floor, causing him to lose consciousness and bleeding from his ear.

The incident occurred as police were moving towards protesters in Buffalo, New York.

The police described the patient's condition as stable, and suggested that he suffered a concussion. It also announced the arrest of two of its operatives, and said it had opened an investigation into the accident.

New York Governor Andrew Como condemned "the racist attack of the police on an elderly man." He described the police behavior as outrageous and totally unjustified. For his part, the mayor of Buffalo described the old woman as seriously injured.

In the same context, roamed the streets of the city of Atlanta, in which participants demanded justice in the case of the killing of Floyd, and stressed the peacefulness of their protests.

The protesters gathered in front of the center of the late pastor Martin Luther King, in a symbolic gesture of inspiration from the legacy of the late who was the most prominent advocate of equality in the United States.

Take control of the street

President Trump said today, Friday, that he has proposed to some state governors to summon the National Guard to confront mostly peaceful protests in most parts of the country in protest of Floyd's death.

"I propose to some of these rulers who exaggerate pride ... do not be deceived. Get the job done. Your work will be much better in the end by calling the National Guard," he said in comments at the White House.

Trump addressed the rulers, saying, "You have to control the streets. You should not have let this happen."

Earlier, the president denounced Floyd's killing, but adopted a tough line toward the protesters, saying that they included many "bad guys".

Germans against American racism

In the German city of Frankfurt, thousands protested today against racism and police violence in the United States.

A police spokeswoman said that the demonstration passed safely, noting that the number of participants, who numbered three thousand, abided by the health rules imposed by the Corona virus and wore face masks.

The demonstration comes in the context of Floyd’s killing during a violent police operation, and the protesters raised the slogan “black lives are important.”

The murder of Floyd sparked widespread demonstrations in the United States and the world.

Yesterday hundreds of people in Minneapolis participated in a memorial service for Floyd, who died while being arrested by the police ten days ago.

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton pledged that the protests would continue until "we change the entire justice system."

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