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France declares control of Corona, Europe lifts travel restrictions and Friday prayers are held in several countries

France declares control of Corona, Europe lifts travel restrictions and Friday prayers are held in several countries

France declares control of Corona, Europe lifts travel restrictions and Friday prayers are held in several countries

France declares control of Corona, Europe lifts travel restrictions and Friday prayers are held in several countries

France declares control of Corona

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said that the European Union wants to lift all travel restrictions that had been imposed due to the crisis of the new Corona virus, pointing out that the lifting will take place by the end of June.

The German website "Spiegel Online" quoted Zehofer as saying on Friday - after a video conference with his colleagues in the European Union - that after that, full freedom of movement in the Schengen area will be restored.

France declares control of Corona

For its part, the French authorities announced today the control of the Corona pandemic, according to local media reports. Jean-Francois Delphresi, head of the government's scientific advisory board, said the Corona virus is now under control in the country.

The Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia also announced today that they opened their borders with Austria for the first time and after the closure of three months due to the Corona pandemic, the medical and quarantine tests on travelers were suspended.

Sources in the Austrian Foreign Ministry said today that the decision of the four countries came in response to Vienna’s decision yesterday to open borders with neighboring countries except Italy.

Friday prayer

On the Arab level, tens of thousands of Palestinians performed Friday prayers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, which was reopened on Sunday after being closed for about two months as part of anti-Corona measures.

The Islamic Endowments Department in the Holy City said in a brief statement that 50,000 people performed Friday prayers in the Holy Mosque.

In Jordan, the government reopened mosques to perform Friday prayers, to make the voices of preachers and preachers sound again.

The feelings of joy overwhelmed the hearts of Jordanians as they returned to the mosques for Friday prayers, after the government eased the procedures to confront the Corona pandemic, which started more than two months ago.

The worshipers adhered to the preventive measures that the Ministry of Endowments and Health called to implement during prayer in mosques, including wearing medical masks and gloves, bringing special prayer rugs and passing through sterilization devices.

In Egypt, the worshipers performed the first Friday prayer in the Al-Azhar Mosque in the capital, Cairo, after more than two months' stoppage, in order to preserve the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

The prayer was held in the presence of about 20 people, and the live broadcast on state television showed the worshipers wearing masks and their commitment to diverging between them.

Response reduction

In China, the Beijing Municipal Government announced today to reduce its emergency response to the new "Corona" epidemic from the second level to the third level, starting tomorrow.

Chen Petty, deputy secretary-general of the capital’s municipal government, told a news conference today that epidemic prevention and control strategies will be adjusted accordingly, noting that travelers coming to Beijing from central Hubei Province (the former epicenter of the virus) will no longer be required to submit For medical observation for 14 days.

The easing of restrictions came after the capital had not registered any new confirmed cases of the virus for 50 consecutive days.

Tightening in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

On the other hand, Pakistan started to reinforce the partial closings procedures in light of the rise in the incidence of the emerging coronavirus to about 100 thousand people, after nearly a month of lifting the previous restrictions.

Officials said that many neighborhoods were isolated, commercial markets closed, and cars that did not adhere to HIV prevention controls fined, as authorities struggled to prevent a pandemic.

In Saudi Arabia, an official source at the Ministry of Interior announced that the health precautions were being tightened in Jeddah for a period of 15 days starting from tomorrow.


The new Corona virus has killed at least 390,868 people since it appeared in China in December, according to a census prepared by French news agency Friday at 11:00 (GMT), according to official sources.

More than 6,640,290 confirmed cases were recorded in 196 countries and regions. At least 2,876,400 of these cases have been declared recovered.

The United States recorded the highest death toll of 108,211 out of 1,872,660 injuries. At least 485,000 people and two people have recovered.

The statistics - based on data compiled by French agency offices from local authorities in the world and from the World Health Organization - only reflect part of the actual number of infections. And many countries do not conduct tests to detect the virus except for the most dangerous cases.

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