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Italy is turning into a terrifying paradigm and fears of a second Corona wave in Asia

Italy is turning into a terrifying paradigm and fears of a second Corona wave in Asia and the world's attention on Africa.

Italy is turning into a terrifying paradigm and fears of a second Corona wave in Asia
Several regions have witnessed an exceptional upward push in Corona injuries, and the Italian "tragedy" has changed into a terrifying paradigm within the vintage continent, amid fears of a second wave of injuries in Asia, the cradle of the epidemic.

And the Saudi Ministry of Health introduced that 119 new cases of Corona virus had been recorded, such as 72 located in a motel in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, amid a state of amazement that spread throughout the world because of the growth of the virus.

A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, Muhammad al-Abd al-Aali, instructed a information convention that 119 new instances have been registered in Corona, bringing the whole to 511 cases, and 17 cases recuperating.

The spokesman explained that the most important purpose of these injuries is the lack of dedication to stopping gatherings and the end result of contact.

The Corona virus has thus far brought on the deaths of as a minimum 13,444 humans worldwide since its look remaining December, and extra than 308,a hundred thirty,a hundred thirty cases had been formally recorded in more than one hundred seventy nations since the outbreak began.

Curfew in Kuwait

The Kuwaiti authorities decided to impose a partial curfew from five within the night until 4 within the morning within the approaches to confront the virus, and introduced the registration of 12 new infections; bringing the variety to 188, and three new cases of restoration, bringing the variety of similar cases to recover to thirty instances.

In Oman, the government averted gatherings in public locations, reduced the wide variety of employees in government agencies, and registered three new instances, bringing the wide variety of injured to fifty five, at the same time as healing cases reached 17 cases.

In Morocco, the number of accidents reached 109 cases, of which 3 recovered, whilst the deaths amounted to three instances.

Sisi speaks

In Egypt, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi warned that the variety of human beings inflamed with Coronavirus in Egypt should reach hundreds of instances in some days if we did now not deal severely with the problem.

Sisi referred to as on the Egyptians to help the country to face the biggest disaster that could face Egypt. He stated that the Corona crisis become handled transparently from the start, and that government information pondered truth.

He introduced that he become working to prevent the Egyptian people from being harmed in any way by using the Corona virus, and he introduced that a hundred billion kilos were allocated to confront the Corona epidemic.

He addressed the Egyptians saying: "We sit two weeks dedicated," and we want "greater dedication, obligation, seriousness, subject and warning, so we do now not need the size of the accidents to increase."

And Cairo announced the previous day nighttime that it recorded two deaths and 9 new cases of the virus; bringing the range of victims to 294 cases, ten of whom died, and forty one convalescing.

In Jordan, Jordanian Prime Minister Omar Al-Razzaz stated - in an interview with Al-Jazeera - that his authorities does now not are looking for to intimidate the Jordanians, however as a substitute to reassure them, stressing the authorities's readiness to deal with the worst viable scenarios.

The Minister of Education, Tayseer Al-Nuaimi, announced the release of a platform for distance training of scholars, stressing that the Ministry will release a schooling program for instructors to comply with the scholars electronically.

17 Algerian provinces

In Algeria, the Ministry of Health introduced that the u . S . A . Has entered the degree of the Coruna epidemic, after recording HIV infections in more than 17 states (governorates).

The Ministry of Health found out that the variety of HIV instances has expanded in Algeria, bringing the quantity to 201.

Regarding measures to curb the spread of the epidemic, Algerian Minister of Health Abdel Rahman bin Bouzid said that the President of the Republic is the simplest one authorized to declare a complete quarantine national.

The Algerian minister recommended the presence of humans infected with the virus, however they did not practice to health institutions, and burdened that maximum of folks that died as a result of contamination with the virus had been now not beneath medical supervision.

As for Tunisia, it announced the growth inside the quantity of deaths from the Coronavirus, to three, and the infections to 75, after coming across 15 new cases.

Announcing the primary case in Syria

On Sunday, Damascus recorded the first contamination with the new coronavirus, in step with the Syrian Ministry of Health, in conjunction with the assertion by using the Syrian regime in the ultimate week of strict preventive measures to avoid its spread.

Minister of Health Nizar Yazigi stated in a announcement to the legitimate television of the system that "the first infection of the Corona virus in Syria turned into recorded for someone coming from out of doors the us of a," including that "essential measures have been taken to deal with it."

Emergency inside the occupied territories
A Palestinian government spokesman confirmed that the wide variety of people infected with the virus has risen to 59 after six new infections had been recorded, along with two guys from the Gaza Strip who lately returned from Pakistan.

For his part, Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh found out emergency measures in the Palestinian territories obliging residents to live in their houses for 14 days, as preventive measures to diminish the unfold of the epidemic.

The measures included a ban on motion among governorates, and among villages, camps and towns, and now not permitting Palestinians from inside the Green Line to enter and exit to and from the West Bank.

The movement is constrained to clinical and security employees and essential professions under unique allows.

The Palestinian government called at the United Nations to pressure Israel to release the detainees, fearing they may broaden corona.

In Israel, the Ministry of Health found out sixty two new accidents, bringing the wide variety to 945 cases.

The Israeli profession government started out applying the emergency measures that they'd taken to confront the outbreak of the Coruna virus, and they persevered for an extended week.

The Israeli radio said that the police and other protection services are following the implementation, and they may be pursuing violators of the orders that obliged all Israelis to stay in their houses and not to accumulate, in addition to no longer to allow the motion of cars for more than  people. The orders also impose now not to visit places of work, besides for employees inside the essential jobs.
Extending the ban in Iraq
In Iraq, the ministerial disaster cell in Iraq introduced the extension of the curfew and the suspension of operating hours until subsequent Saturday to restrict the spread of the Corona virus. The curfew entered its fifth consecutive day in Baghdad and other Iraqi towns.

Sources told Al-Jazeera that the alternate trade movement is open with Jordan and Syria thru the land border crossings, at a time while the land borders between Iraq and Iran in the critical and southern areas specifically are nonetheless closed by concrete blocks.

The Lebanese Ministry of Health introduced the registration of 18 new instances of the Coronavirus, bringing the whole variety to 248.

Italian tragedy
In a tragic final results, Italy introduced on Sunday that it had extended the quantity of Corona deaths to five,476 after recording 651 new instances within the beyond 24 hours.

As a end result, Italy ranks first inside the world in terms of the wide variety of deaths because of Corona, while the number of injuries on its territory exceeds 53 thousand.
The Italian Prime Minister announced a series of additional measures to scale back the spread of the virus, together with the closure of businesses and the cessation of any effective hobby in the u . S . A . Besides for what offers basic offerings. Public offerings together with health, meals and transportation, as well as postal and banking offerings, could be maintained.

Fears be successful in Europe, which the World Health Organization has identified as a focal point of the Corona virus, approximately the recurrence of the Italian scenario.

In Turkey, Turkish Health Minister Fakhruddin Kuja said that 9 human beings died due to coronavirus contamination inside the country, bringing the whole quantity of deaths to 30 these days, Sunday. The wide variety of showed cases multiplied through 289, bringing the full range of injuries to one,256.

He said that the full tests conducted with the aid of the authorities amounted to 20,345 people.

Is it a 2nd wave in Asia?
After the variety of infections in Asia exceeds ninety five,000, questions stand up as to whether or not the continent is experiencing a second wave of the epidemic.

China recorded forty six new instances of Coronavirus, all from abroad, aside from one, bringing the entire wide variety of instances to 81,656, and the variety of deaths reached three,261.

After the Chinese government expressed situation approximately the excessive number of cases of HIV contamination coming from overseas, the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration said that each one worldwide flights coming to the capital of Beijing will be transferred to every other 12 airports with the intention of checking passengers before they arrive within the capital.

In India, the authorities imposed a 14-hour curfew nationwide, whilst the government considers it a test to assess its abilties to deal with the Coruna epidemic.

In Malaysia, the army announced these days, Sunday, the begin of the deployment of its forces in the course of the united states, to reinforce the application of restrictions on motion inside the framework of measures to confront Corona.

Afghanistan, the u . S . That has been ravaged via conflict for many years, introduced the primary demise of the brand new Corona virus on Sunday.

Iranian toll
The Iranian Ministry of Health has introduced 129 deaths and 1,028 new cases of Coronavirus in the closing 24 hours.

This brings the wide variety of deaths to 1685, accidents to 21,638, at the same time as remedy cases reached 7,913.

This comes at a time while all shops and buying facilities in the Iranian capital, Tehran, have been closed as a part of authorities measures to diminish the unfold of the Coruna virus.

The Iranian Armed Forces General Authority has precise 52 of the fifty eight militia hospitals to deal with those infected with the Coruna virus.

The head of the fee, Major General Muhammad Baqeri, stated that what medical employees are doing within the Iranian defense force may be considered organic protection sporting events.

In Spain, the Ministry of Health announced 394 deaths from the Corona virus, bringing the total to 1720 deaths.

3646 new instances have been recorded, growing the quantity of injuries to 28,572.

The head of the valuable authorities in Madrid had told heads of local governments that he might expand the state of emergency for at least  weeks.

The dying of the first medical doctor in France
In any other improvement in France, French Health Minister Olivier Ferrand announced nowadays, Sunday, the demise of the first physician after he turned into infected with the Corona virus.

The deceased is an emergency doctor in a health center inside the metropolis of Compiegne in the Lois region, which became one of the first difficult-hit areas in France, consistent with the legitimate France 24 channel.

A senior legitimate on the French Ministry of Health said that 112 humans died Sunday of the Corona virus, which increases the wide variety of deaths from the virus to 674, and the wide variety of cases elevated through 1559 to 16018.

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Sunday that the spread of the Corona virus in the united states is "accelerating", even as the British government Sunday asked 1.Five million folks that live inside the us of a and are taken into consideration the most vulnerable approximately the virus; to stay with their homes for 12 weeks.

In Switzerland, the Ministry of Health stated it had registered extra than nine hundred new instances of coronavirus from Saturday to Sunday, raising the range of showed instances to 7,014 and at the least 60 deaths, up from fifty six the previous day.

New York .. A disaster area

US President Donald Trump has declared New York State a disaster location as it includes approximately half of of all infections and deaths attributable to coronavirus infection within the United States. He indicated that he is considering circulating this declaration to other states, which include California.

This comes while the wide variety of deaths due to the virus within the United States extended to about 350, even as the quantity of inflamed persons became approximately 27,000.

While Africa has remained up to now some of the regions least laid low with the epidemic, doubts persist as to whether it is able to survive as nicely.

So a long way, six deaths have been recorded in sub-Saharan Africa so far: 4 in Burkina Faso and one in Gabon, Mauritius and the Democratic Republic of the Congo inside the capital, Kinshasa.

Rwanda introduced the isolation of the populace and the closure of its borders to cordon off the brand new epidemic of the Corona virus, as a part of the more stringent measures taken by sub-Saharan Africa (the area that has a fragile fitness gadget and a continuous boom within the variety of infections).

In Latin America, isolation measures are growing, with nearly all land borders closed and electoral benefits suspended, within the wish of containing the unfold of the emerging coronavirus....
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