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Corona ... the world's governments continue to impose restrictions and the highest daily death toll in Italy and Spain

Several countries were quick to close their borders to cordon the spread of the Corona virus, and governments imposed a ban on gatherings in public places, suspended schools and flights, while Italy and Spain recorded the world's largest number of deaths within a day.

The latest statistics related to the Corona virus showed that the disease declared "pandemic" by the World Health Organization has become widespread in 158 countries in the world.

The number of people affected by it reached about 170,000, while the number of people who died due to it exceeded 6000 (3.7% of all injuries). An official statistic indicates that the number of people who have been cured of the disease is about 76,000, or about 47%.

China still tops the list of afflicted countries despite registering a decrease in the number of casualties, followed by Italy, then Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, France, and then the United States.
The following are the most prominent developments related to the Arab and International Corona crisis:
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