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Corona pandemic 270,000 infected around the world, governments tighten collective isolation measures

The Coruna virus continues to spread rapidly, recording more than 270,000 infections in 185 countries around the world, as governments race to contain the epidemic and impose more collective isolation measures.

As of Friday evening, the epidemic has caused the death of at least 11,000 people since its appearance last December. Italy came first in the world in terms of deaths, then China, Spain, Germany and Iran.

More than ninety thousand people have recovered from the virus around the world, while government actions have restricted the freedom of movement for more than half a billion people.

Experts at the United Nations warn that about three billion people do not have the minimum means to fight the virus such as water and soap, and the United Nations has expressed concern that a lack of solidarity with poor countries can cost "millions" of lives.

After four United Nations staff members fell ill, work in the General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council in New York moved into homes, and international meetings were videotaped.

In the latest development, WFP Executive Director David Paisley announced that he was infected with the Corona virus, and said he started home quarantine five days ago.
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